"Let no freedom be allowed to novelty, because it is not fitting that any addition should be made to antiquity. Let not the clear faith and belief of our forefathers be fouled by any muddy admixture." -- Pope Sixtus III

Saturday, September 27, 2014

When a priest sins, it IS worse.

Not because they are more than human, but because of the responsibility they bear.

 IF Father Maurizio is guilty, he better get himself right with God before it is too late.

IF he is innocent, the same is true for his accusers.

From WTAE:

Catholic priest accused of traveling for sex with children

PITTSBURGH —A priest accused of traveling to Honduras to engage in sex with children while promoting missionary work with the poor there has been arrested by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.
Documents reveal the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown and law enforcement agencies first learned of the allegations five years ago.

VIDEO: Watch Paul Van Osdol's report

Church officials, the Attorney General's Office and the FBI were all declining to comment Friday.

The Rev. Joseph Maurizio Jr., 69, spent two decades working with orphaned children in Central America. Homeland Security investigators say some of those same children were his victims.

"We see this very, very often with child-molesting Catholic clerics. They gravitate toward communities or countries where kids are especially vulnerable," said David Clohessy, national director of Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP).

In July, an investigator interviewed several of Maurizio's alleged victims in Honduras.

In one case, court records say a victim known as John Doe 3 "observed Maurizio reach over, place his hand inside a minor boy's pants, and touch the minor boy's genital area."

That same victim said he saw "John Doe 2 and Maurizio engaging in sexual intercourse inside the chapel."

Two weeks ago, authorities searched the rectory of Our Lady Queen of Angels Church in Central City, Somerset County, where Maurizio is pastor, and found multiple images of child pornography. ICE agents also searched the farm where Maurizio lived in Windber.

The allegations against Maurizio first surfaced in 2009, when volunteers reported him to the diocese, the FBI and the state attorney general. But the case apparently floundered until this year.

“That is so incredibly disappointing and so painfully common,” Clohessy said.
Maurizio is in jail, awaiting a detention hearing Monday morning. He has said abuse allegations against him were a bogus plot by the Honduran government to thwart his charity work.

Maurizio's attorney, Steven Passarello, said the criminal complaint regurgitates allegations made five years ago after the priest's charity had a falling out with a local charity. He said children were bribed or coerced into making abuse allegations.

The ICE office wants to hear from any other possible victims. There is an online form to submit tips at and a toll-free tip line at 866-347-2423.

No, you do not get to define it yourselves.

Don't bother looking up their photos. They look like porn stars twenty years past their primes.

From the New York Post:

These Christian swingers like sharing Bible verses, sex partners

A Bible-thumping couple in Florida is changing the way people think about their faith — with a hookup website for devout Christian swingers!

Cristy Parave and her husband, Dean, are the unashamed bodybuilding Jesus lovers bringing couples together and introducing them to their wild lifestyle of swapping sex partners and Bible verses, Barcroft Media reports.

When the fitness gurus got sick of finding swingers online who couldn’t meet their standards, they decided to set up their own swinging network — They have been touring the US ever since, meeting couples who want to join in and indulge in their holy promiscuity.

The couple first met at a bodybuilding competition, and simply don’t care what people say about their swinging. They firmly believe that despite their unfaithful marriages, the big guy upstairs doesn’t have a care in the world that they’re defiling their sacred vows.

“I don’t think God would be mad at what we are doing,” Cristy said. “At first I was conflicted, but the more we looked at it, the more it makes sense to us.”
The 44-year-old added that she felt mankind had been created to frolic and fornicate with one another.

“God put people on the Earth to breed and enjoy each other,” she told Barcroft. “I feel God is always with me and he has put us here for a reason.”

The hulking matchmakers have been together for seven years, according to Barcroft. They began their swinging escapades when the two met a brazen couple at Home Depot who blatantly asked them if they wanted to swing.

“I was so naive, I thought they were talking about swing dancing,” she said. “Afterwards we went home and looked it up online and it sounded exciting.”

"Beheading" isn't the key word here, but even if it was, what sort of people are into beheadings these days?

Go ahead and count the number of paragraphs until you see a mention of this guy's "background"...if it is mentioned at all.

Suspect in food plant murder beheads coworker - WBTV Charlotte   

The suspect in a fatal workplace stabbing at a food distribution center in Moore, OK, beheaded one of his victims, according to a law enforcement official.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ian Richard Kyle Paisley, Requiescat in pace.

I have been struggling for a couple of weeks with this one, kiddies. The "reverend" Paisley was the worst kind of heretic, persecuting Christ's Church on earth in the most despicable ways and fomenting murderous violence against innocents. Yet, in the end, he did the right thing. Did he have a genuine change of heart or did he merely act out of selfish political interest? Only almighty God knows for sure, but whatever the reason, this fact is true: Paisley made peace instead of continuing sectarian war.

This is not an irrelevant history lesson, kiddies. This is really about the current and future wars within and against Islam. Please be patient and bear with me as your humble narrator dances in and out of Mr. Paisley's obituary.

From Washington's other newspaper:

Ian Paisley dies; Northern Ireland leader known for anti-Catholic rhetoric
Ian Paisley, a Protestant minister and political agitator in Northern Ireland whose incendiary rhetoric stoked anti-Catholic violence for decades and who made a stunning late-career reversal that thrust him into a power-sharing leadership role, died Sept. 12 in Belfast. He was 88.

Have you forgotten how evil Northern Ireland's "troubles" [nice euphemism for neighbor-on-neighbor murder, eh?] were? From the sick fucks of the murderous IRA hiding behind their professed "Catholicism" to the ignorant murderous Orange heretics who are their mirror image, to the feckless politicians, to the moronic English assholes who started it all, supposedly civilized Christians blew up and gunned down each other in the name of Jesus. May God have mercy on us all.
The death was announced by his wife. He had a history of heart ailments.
Rev. Paisley became Northern Ireland’s co-leader in 2007 after entering an agreement with Sinn Fein, the Catholic-led political arm of the outlawed militant Irish Republican Army.

It was an unlikely alliance between two parties that, for more than three decades of Northern Irish history, were sworn enemies. That the partnership prevailed was largely owed to Rev. Paisley, said former senator George J. Mitchell (D-Maine), who served as the U.S. envoy to Northern Ireland in the 1990s.

“I think he deserves credit for making possible the changes that have taken place in Northern Ireland,” Mitchell said. “He did it through the force of his personality and his intellect.”

Mitchell's an imbecile who wouldn't recognize true intellect if it bit him. [Sorry, but some digressions are necessary.]

Rev. Paisley began his career in the 1950s as an evangelist minister with a fringe congregation of a few dozen. Through his charisma and political acumen, he became Northern Ireland’s most powerful politician and leader of its largest party, the Democratic Unionist Party, which he helped establish in 1971.

Representing Northern Ireland, he served in Britain’s House of Commons for three decades starting in 1970 and was elected to the European Parliament in 1979 with a record number of votes.

 I don't much care about the differences between Shiites and Sunnis, though I'm sure both groups consider those differences as seriously as Catholics and Protestants consider theirs. Is there a Shiite Ian Paisley out there? How about a Sunni John Hume? Are there any Islamic David Trimbles?

At 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds, Rev. Paisley’s hulk and predilection for vitriol made him an intimidating presence in Northern Ireland’s political landscape. Whether from the pulpit or parliament, he was an expert at sparking controversy. In Northern Ireland’s bloody history, few figures were considered as divisive as Rev. Paisley.

He rose to prominence in the 1960s at the start of “the Troubles,” in which Northern Ireland was engulfed in sectarian violence between Catholics and Protestants. The bloodshed lasted more than 30 years.

As a staunch unionist, Rev. Paisley fought to keep Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom and spoke vehemently against any proposals to integrate the country with its southern neighbor, the Republic of Ireland, a sovereign body composed of a Catholic majority.

And even if peace can be made inside Islam, what about Islam's war on Jews, Christians, other non-mohammedan religions, the West, freedom, representative government, women and girls, and modernity?

For decades, Rev. Paisley had rejected any form of political compromise with Northern Ireland’s Catholic minority and responded to calls for negotiations with his signature war cry: “No surrender!”

A self-proclaimed bigot, he once interrupted a speech by Pope John Paul II by calling the pontiff the antichrist. He said he considered all Catholics to be members of the Irish Republican Army, which he branded as a collective of terrorists.

Although he preached against the use of force in his church, his acidic words carried weight. On several occasions, his sermons caused riots. Rev. Paisley was said to be the target of multiple assassination attempts, and a sniper’s bullet once penetrated his car and missed him by inches.

Now a few words from Sunshine, a girl from Mosul in Iraq who hasn't been able to post on her blog [Days of My Life] lately. [And it is not because she's too busy with soccer practice or violin lessons.]

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The situation in Mosul.

I don't know what to say, my heart is full of sorrow and fear

The past 3 weeks were the hardest ever, 11 years of war , I've written about hard days in blog but they are nothing compared to what happened this time.

War between armed men and al Maliki's army

I arrived Baghdad on 29/5 , i came in a visit to my grandparents.  On Friday morning 6/6 , my mom received an sms from dad,  he said "a bloody battle in our neighborhood since 3 am "

The fight started at 3 am on Tuesday , no one knew what was going on , shelling, heavy shooting , and explosions , my dad and grandparents stayed in the corridor for 3 days.

I was catching my mobile phone looking for news all the time, the people in Mosul ( who had Internet connection) were writing about this huge battle in face book they even posted photos taken from their own houses, i called my dad several time to tell him whats happening outside , they were trapped with no TV nor Internet , the electricity was off , and they had no water as well. 

On Saturday 7/6 , we lost the communication with dad and grandparents , their mobile batteries were low , so they had to close them to save the battery for emergency , as well as for security reasons there was perturbation on the neighborhood ..

we were catching our mobile phones waiting for a call or sms saying they are alive .

Finally a text message from dad , he said " the coverage is very bad , motors are falling on the neighborhood , thank god you guys are not here"

Later at midnight , my dad sent a text message "we can't even leave, they're fighting in our street and in front of our house we cant even go to the next room"

Next day, With the early morning we got a phone call from our relative, he said that all my relatives in nearby neighborhoods will leave Mosul together as soon as they can , then we got a phone call which was devastating , they said dad and grandpa couldn't leave, and my relatives left without them. 

what is going to happen to dad and grandparents ? my mom and i were so worried, we were just praying for a light of hope.

Later on Monday, dad called us, mom answered :

- oh my god , dear , how are you?

Dad couldn't catch a breath , he said 

- we are walking fast , we could do it , we left the neighborhood , i cant speak anymore , bye

This short phone call was the light of hope we were praying for.

We didn't know how did they leave, or where they are going , but we felt more relief.

My dad , grandma and grandpa walked a lot to reach the other part of Mosul,  the hardest thing was to leave the neighborhood as the shelling and shooting was heavy , but they had no other choice, And thanks to Allah they survived.

Grandma , after walking for large distance said she can't walk anymore , so they took a rest in a friends' house to catch a breath , meanwhile dad sent a message " we don't know were to go , we just want to reach the other part of Mosul , to any neighborhood " At 7:30 pm dad called to say they reached our friend's house (uncle S ) which is faraway from our neighborhood , this trip took them 9 hours but they took two rests .

thousands of people were " migrating " elderly people , pregnant women ( we know a woman who walked to reach a hospital outside Mosul to give birth of twins ! ) , people who just had a surgery (like a friend of mine , and dad's uncle) , kids , injured people , guys carrying disabled people , and many others , they were walking to the unknown .. 

That day at midnight , exactly at 1 am , soldiers started to shout hysterically and hitting the door dad went outside running with uncle S.

-what is going on?


Three families were staying in one house (18 people ) , uncle s and his family, my family, and uncle k's family .

uncle S had 3 cars , so he let my dad drive one, and uncle k took the other one, they left in such a hurry and panic.

The soldiers took off their  military clothes , threw their weapons in the streets, wore civilian clothes and ran away, leaving the left part of city under the control of The armed men, they surrendered with out fight.

All the families in the right part of Mosul left their houses, as well as the majority of people in the left part . People were driving towards the northern part of Iraq, villages , or any safe place..

After 11 hours of driving in the night, dad reached a calm village at 12 pm , we know a friend who has a house there, he was so generous And invited many other families to stay as well.

They spent one night there, and went back to Mosul , to uncle s's house again.. 

The shelling was just a rumor to terrify people. 

On Wednesday , dad called , he told my mom that he must go back to our home, to take our money, important papers, gold, cloths , and medications.

many men went to their houses as well,  to take the important stuff , before another bloody battle starts !

Many families returned to the left part of Mosul, as they couldn't find any place to stay in villages, or couldn't enter Duhok and Arbile cities, We know many people who stayed in the streets at that night waiting to enter the northern cities, but not all of them were allowed . Especially after Duhok and Arbile became crowded with moslawi people.

8 days later, my dad and grandparents returned to our house..

Right now,  there is no shooting , and armed men took control of Mosul and near by villages, as well as other cities .. 

there is no electricity, no fuel, no gas, no salaries, lack of food supplies especially the one that need Freezers , the vegetables and fruits are bad and expensive , as there are no electricity the food in our refrigerators molded , people are struggling in this hot weather (42 Cel)

Everyone is worried and upset , no one knows what will happen next.

We just want a suitable life like any other human being in the world, is it too much to ask?  

We are thinking seriously to leave , but how? where? When? We don't know ..


note : I'll try to post some photos as soon as i have a better internet connection .

Please pray for Sunshine, her family, her friends, [both Shiite and Sunni] and all the decent people of the world who just want to be left the fuck alone so they can live their lives in peace.

Ian Richard Kyle Paisley was born April 6, 1926, in Armagh, Northern Ireland, the son of a Baptist minister. After high school, he worked as a farmer before entering the Protestant ministry. He was ordained in 1946.

Five years later, he splintered from the official Protestant ministry and formed his own congregation, the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. Initially, his followers numbered barely more than a dozen. Yet his sermons, laden with salvos against the pope and the Catholic Church, quickly earned him mainstream recognition during a period of heightened sectarian tensions.

In response to his firebrand oratory, Northern Ireland’s official Presbyterian Church publicly disassociated itself from him. An astute handler of public affairs, he was able to turn his notoriety into power by packing his church’s pews to capacity. As his popularity grew, his sermon topics turned to matters of the state.

In 1963, he organized a march on the Belfast city hall to assail the government’s lowering of the flag after the death of Pope John XXIII. Later, he was jailed twice for unlawful assembly after marches he led turned into riots. Police regularly employed tear gas to disrupt his gatherings.

As the Troubles worsened, the streets of Belfast and beyond echoed with the explosions of car bombs and the cracks of gunshots. Rev. Paisley’s rabble-rousing antics and talent for demagoguery led him to be known as “the clergyman in jackboots.”

Today in Mosul...

ISIS militants publicly execute human-rights lawyer near her home in Mosul -   

'[ISIS] continues to attest to its infamous nature, combining hatred, nihilism and savagery, as well as its total disregard of human decency'

He was also known as “Dr. No” for his obstinacy and an honorary doctorate he received in 1966 from South Carolina’s fundamentalist Bob Jones University. He continued to publish books with exclamatory titles such as “United Ireland — Never!” (1972) and “No Pope Here!” (1982).

Do you remember Najma Abdullah's blog "A Star From Mosul"? It's gone now. Her sister [HNK's blog] last posted on August 9:

A cry

You gave me strong but always after pain
You taught me to fight but mostly in vain.
I am alife,
Yes , My heart is beating
but my breath is stand still.

I lost the words to write about my story,  to write about the lilly of my desert,  to write about the beauty of my parents eyes and the warmth that their sounds gived to my heart. 
I lost the words to write about the pain of my country .
And how scared I was within it and how lost I am without.
I really can't express my feeling now but something inside me died with days and as I guess nothing could ever give me more hurt and pain than I already have.

#in a matter of days, I turned from an iraqi pharmacist from hight social class in Mosul to a refugee pregnant woman with no job,  no home adress and only 2000$
# a person who are counting the days to have a call from the IOM to get an appointment for interview which simply may take a year or so till the IOM will decide whether I deserve to have a station in UN to start my life over again or not.   That's include to study and certify my pharmacy degree over again !
# I am abviously have a chronic depression eposide and have no close person to talk to since all persons I know are already living their own tragedy.
# I lost my uncle in the middle of this.
# I lost *well all of us lost*  the best historical and islamic mosque in Mosul due to ISIS attack. 
I didn't only leave mosul,  Mosul left me back,  old memories,  places and friends all left me.  I am alone all alone.

And have nothing can do,  all I am doing is crying !!

In the 1990s, Rev. Paisley refused to participate in a U.S. effort led by the envoy Mitchell to craft a peace accord between the Catholics and Protestants of Northern Ireland. The agreement — meant to create a power-sharing executive position and foster positive relations between the two factions — called for a disarmament of militant groups, mainly the IRA.

We [the USA] don't have the stomach to kill all the bad guys - or at least enough of the bad guys to give the good guys a chance. We haven't since 1945. We were fortunate to outlast the Soviets. Perhaps, if the war comes to us, we will remember what war really is [and isn't]...but I won't hold my breath.

Rev. Paisley said he would not be party to any negotiations involving Sinn Fein. The document was completed without Rev. Paisley’s input and was later known as the Good Friday agreement, for the date in April 1998 it was signed.

For their work leading the talks that led to the Good Friday Agreement’s ratification, two moderate Northern Irish politicians, David Trimble of the Protestant Ulster Unionist Party and John Hume of the Catholic Social Democratic and Labor Party, received the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize.

But the award, and the peace agreement’s slow path to success, cost them politically. In 2003 elections, both parties lost majority status in the Northern Irish assembly.

The reversal of fortunes led Rev. Paisley’s party, the DUP, to become the biggest in the country. Sinn Fein also benefited by winning new seats in the Assembly to become the second-biggest party.

Mitchell said Rev. Paisley’s newfound power made him “instrumental in moving the peace process forward.”

“I think he became convinced that the last few years were better for the people he represented than a return to the conflicts of the past,” Mitchell said. “He made possible the full implementation of the full agreement. It couldn’t have happened without his involvement and leadership.”

By the early 2000s, the IRA began to put down its arms. The sectarian strife had killed an estimated 3,500 people.

The thaw in relations between Catholics and Protestants allowed Rev. Paisley to agree in 2007 to form an alliance with Sinn Fein, which was led by former IRA commando Martin McGuinness. The unlikely pair shared equal power of the country’s domestic affairs, with Rev. Paisley as first minister and McGuinness as deputy first minister.

"The thaw"??? Regular folks [those not sexually aroused by power, that is] have always just wanted to be left alone. I think my prod neighbors are hell-bound and all that, but that doesn't mean I blow all my leaves into their yard every autumn nor does it mean I rape and/or kill them for worshiping God incorrectly. I'm a pretty cool guy, but I am no soul's Judge. Get it?

“After a period of tough negotiations, it was my view that, provided our conditions were met, the overwhelming majority of the people of Northern Ireland wanted me to do the deal,” Rev. Paisley once said. “It was as simple as that.”

He stepped down as first minister in 2008 and began to retire from public life amid health problems. In 2010, he left the British House of Commons; his son, Ian Paisley Jr., won his seat.

Survivors include his wife of 57 years, the former Eileen Cassells; five children; and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“Ian Paisley’s contribution to peace, after all the years of division and difference, was decisive and determinative,” former British prime minister Tony Blair said in 2008. “The man famous for saying no will go down in history for saying yes.”

Mr. Paisley now knows the truth, though I doubt he finds it to his liking. On the other hand, there are worse people who never do the right thing. The point, kiddies? Everyone always has a choice as long as they are drawing breath. 

Every one of us.



So use your God-given free will [even if you don't believe in it] and choose to do the right thing. If you are uncertain about what that might be, start as Hippocrates did and do no harm.
May God have mercy on all our souls...because we really need it.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Min Hyo Rin is the most beautiful girl in the world!

I know, I know...I say that a lot. But to be honest, it appears to be about a four billion way tie for first.

From the pages of The King Abdullah Gazette:

 photo itny7uievicF4.jpg

 photo min-hyo-rin-17.jpg

 photo Min-Hyo-Rin-Barrel-3.png

 photo Min-Hyo-Rin-for-Barrel-1.jpg

 photo D06CAE30BCC0D658_2CC28-3.jpg

 photo tumblr_makhtzkwdB1rcoad1o1_1280.jpg

 photo 59324327be387eff37c92844e0582de5.jpg

 photo pic-1566-4.jpg

 photo min-hyo-rin-13.jpg

 photo min-hyo-rin-15.jpg

 photo min-hyo-rin_desktopsky_03.jpg

 photo min-hyo-rin-10.jpg

 photo 2F145hY.jpg

 photo EBAFBCED9AA8EBA6B0_ED9994EBB3B4_15.jpg

 photo 635406838674757500.jpg

 photo Bp2BQO1CUAEy7m5jpglarge.jpg

Anais Pouliot is the most beautiful girl in the world!

From the pages of The King Abdullah Gazette:

 photo MG_4072.jpg

 photo anais-pouliot-victoria-s-secret-march-2014_15.jpg

 photo anais-pouliot-victoria-s-secret-march-2014_14.jpg

 photo anais-pouliot-victoria-s-secret-march-2014_13.jpg

 photo anais-pouliot-victoria-s-secret-march-2014_12.jpg

 photo anais-pouliot-victoria-s-secret-march-2014_11.jpg

 photo anais-pouliot-victoria-s-secret-march-2014_10.jpg

 photo anais-pouliot-victoria-s-secret-march-2014_9.jpg

 photo anais-pouliot-victoria-s-secret-march-2014_8.jpg

 photo anais-pouliot-victoria-s-secret-march-2014_7.jpg

 photo anais-pouliot-victoria-s-secret-march-2014_4.jpg

 photo anais-pouliot-victoria-s-secret-march-2014_5.jpg

 photo anais-pouliot-victoria-s-secret-march-2014_3.jpg

 photo anais-pouliot-victoria-s-secret-march-2014_1.jpg

 photo anais-pouliot-victoria-s-secret-march-2014_6.jpg

 photo AnaisPouliotGermanVogueMay2011GregKadel.jpeg

 photo anais-pouliot-by-lachlan-bailey-2011-7.jpg

Stevie Lynn Jones is the most beautiful girl in the world!

From the pages of The King Abdullah Gazette:

 photo Stevie-Lynn-Jones-Capture-6018_color-844x1224.jpg

 photo steviejones_lg.jpg

 photo StevieLynnJonesRegardMagazineApril201407.jpg

 photo StevieLynnJonesRegardMagazineApril201403.jpg

 photo StevieLynnJonesRegardMagazineApril201406.jpg

 photo taTOdCIyVC9tNxt.jpg

 photo StevieLynnJonesRegardMagazineApril201405.jpg

 photo 2013_0520_Crisis_Bio_StevieLynnJones_900x900_UG.jpg

 photo StevieLynnJonesRegardMagazineApril201402.jpg

 photo StevieLynnJonesRegardMagazineApril201404.jpg

 photo CrisisStivieLynnJonas.jpg

 photo maxresdefault.jpg

Dr. William Wesley McDonald, Requiescat in pace.

From Lee Cheek [via The Imaginative Conservative] comes this remembrance of a great American you've never heard of...

Remembering W. Wesley McDonald: Marylander, Friend, and Kirk Disciple

W. Wesley McDonald 

On September 9th, with the passing of Dr. William Wesley McDonald, the American academy lost a talented teacher and defender of humane learning. The American conservative movement, or what remains of authentic conservatism, has also lost a strong advocate for restraint in social and political life. From a very early age, Wes came to the realization that politics, properly understood, was the pursuit of the good the true and beautiful; and, at this early juncture, Wes also appreciated the imperfectability of humankind, and the necessary limits of politics. As a great lover and sophisticated student of the limits of politics, Wes feared the inappropriate and increasingly commonplace aggrandizement of liberty by the modern state. He spent his life fighting the usurpation of fundamental liberties.

Wes loved his native Maryland, and within our federal arrangement, he considered Maryland to be a southern state in many regards, often referring to the “old Maryland” as a model of political moderation and civility. Of course, as a realist, Wes derided the political class in power in Maryland during most of his lifetime, composed of career politicos and apparatchiks, whose guiding principles were antithetical to the inherited tradition Wes cherished. With some regularity, Wes would recollect the role of Maryland in the Founding and in the evolution of the regime, and pray that all was not lost if a recovery of principle could take place. 

Graduating from Baltimore’s Towson State University in 1968 with a degree in political science, Wes pursued graduate study in political science, earning a Masters of Arts in political science from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, in 1969. He considered several options for graduate school before selecting The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. At Catholic, Wes studied with and wrote a dissertation under tutelage of the eminent conservative scholar, Dr. Claes G. Ryn. He successfully defended his dissertation, entitled “The Conservative Mind of Russell Kirk: ‘The Permanent Things’ in an Age of Ideology,” in 1982. The dissertation would eventually be revised into a book, and the tome would serve as his most important contribution to scholarship.

No tribute to Wes would be appropriate without some stress upon his importance as a friend and mentor. I first encountered a mention of Wes on the last page of Kirk’s The Portable Conservative Reader (Viking Penguin, 1982), in a section entitled “A Note of Acknowledgment.” At the end of what is still the best single-volume collection of conservative thought available today, Kirk made the following comment: “Mr. Wesley McDonald spent months in close collaboration with me, choosing selections and finding accurate texts, and editing them.” This rather obscure reference introduced me to Wes, his work with Kirk, and Kirk’s willingness to take on research assistants who could benefit from studying with the Duke of Mecosta. Having spent the final years of my undergraduate years engrossed in Kirk’s writings, and reading the corpus of the Intercollegiate Review, I came to view Kirk as a beacon of light amidst my academic darkness. In 1983, I began my graduate studies at The Divinity School of Duke University. I was totally unprepared for what was to follow, and instead of reading the assigned texts, I turned to Kirk and Voegelin. During the semester, I also attended an Intercollegiate Studies Institute conference, and in the middle of a banquet event, I recognized Wes at an adjacent table from his picture in an I.S.I. speakers bureau booklet. I approached Wes, and he immediately encouraged me to write to Kirk, telling him of my plight, and Wes also urged me to ask Kirk if he could use a wayward research assistant. Thanks to the encouragement I received from Wes, my life was never the same. In fact, I am now one of the more aged individuals who were blessed with the opportunity to work and study with Kirk in Mecosta.

The next year my old friend from my undergraduate years, Dr. Al Gilman, a mathematician qua political theorist, and an acquaintance of Kirk’s, created an academic entity at Western Carolina University entitled the Center for the Study of Cultural Decadence, following the insights of Joad and Kirk. Three decades later the center’s title and organizational focus appears a little quaint, as we now take such a high level of societal decadence for granted, and in some quarters we even celebrate decadence as the “new enlightenment.” Nevertheless, the center was a noble, yet short-lived pursuit, but not before Gilman held a national conference on the topic of decadence. Both Wes and I presented papers at the conference, and Wes’s contribution on Kirk was eventually published in the Hillsdale Review. Before the conference ended, Wes advised me to dedicate my year in Mecosta to spending as much time with Kirk and to read constantly! This was some of the best advice one could receive!

After Mecosta, I returned to graduate school, and Wes quickly invited me to present a paper at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Political Science Association. In 1987, under the kind auspices of Wes, I presented my first professional paper, and this effort would become my first published article. For the remainder of his life, Wes and I remained friends and regular correspondents.

Of much greater importance than my personal narrative, Wes’s “mission” as a popular faculty member and student mentor at Elizabethtown College defined his professional life. The devotion to teaching and mentoring students was Wes’s greatest gift–and his enduring legacy–and it is this academic witness that separated Wes from most of his colleagues. In some respects, members of the professoriate are the last nomads to be found in American today. Professors often make career moves to enhance their status or salary with reckless abandonment (and this writer is among the ranks of those who have followed such paths), and with the shrinking number of full-time academic positions, not to the mention the influence of the proprietary, on-line programs, the growth of institutional academic bureaucracies, and other threats to academic life, a professor with a lifelong commitment to an institution is hard to find. Wes was a most honorable exception. Wes taught at Elizabethtown College for nearly three and a half decades. He was beloved by students and his resiliency of purpose is a model for us all. He mentored countless students who would pursue graduate studies, legal studies, and become political practitioners of one variety or another. When Wes was a candidate for full professor a decade ago, he asked me to write a letter of recommendation on his behalf. He thought my status as an academic vice president, and my strong letter of support, would make his promotion a certainly. In my letter I simply asked the President and the Trustees of they could name a more loyal and devoted professor at their college? Wes was quickly promoted.

Finally, any celebration of Wes’s life should praise the importance of his great study, Russell Kirk and the Age of Ideology, published by the University of Missouri Press in 2004. In essence, the book is a valuable survey of a leading (nay, seminal) thinker of the 20th century, although Kirk’s contribution has for the most part been neglected for ideological reasons and assessed by less perceptive scholars than Wes (There are exceptions, however; see Russello’s The Postmodern Imagination of Russell Kirk [Missouri, 2004], and Brad Birzer’s forthcoming study from the University of Kentucky Press.).

Wes argued that Kirk was a political thinker, historian, historian of political ideas, journalist, and one who served in many other capacities. Kirk’s significance was not limited to the conservative movement. Wes was correct, and he teaches us a lesson that we should not easily forget.

In the first chapter of his work, entitled “Kirk and the Rebirth of American Conservatism,” Wes provided an excellent survey of Kirk’s plea for the return to traditional concepts of political order and power. The description of Kirk’s education experiences was alluring, and at my insistence, he included Kirk’s private reading as an undergraduate at Michigan State, where he was engrossed in Donald Davidson’s Attack on Leviathan; and the influence of his two mentors at Duke, Jay Hubbell (English) and Charles Sydnor (History). Additionally, Wes’s inclusion of Kirk’s own commentary as contained in his Sword of Imagination made this an exemplary introduction to Kirk’s early intellectual life.

The next two chapters are central to his book. Wes thoughtfully conveys Kirk’s defense of the moral basis of social and political life, and the appropriate role of rights and natural law. Wes depended heavily on Irving Babbitt to explain Kirk, and the effort to distinguish Kirk explicitly from the Christian tradition of natural law thinking evoked some criticism. While Wes may have overemphasized Babbitt’s influence and the insights of the New Humanists (and their contemporary disciples), he was still prescient in his understanding of Kirk’s worldview. He was also correct to suggest the important role of literature and humane letters upon Kirk. For example, Wes’s analysis of Kirk’s Enemies volume is wonderful and this contribution alone will encourage a new generation of readers to encounter this tome.

Wes’s chapters (four and five) on Kirk’s contributions to political theory scholarship are the best assessment of Kirk’s political thought every written. Chapter six delineates the centrality of community to Kirk’s thought, and is presented with great accuracy and clarity. Wes’s stress on the role assumed by self-restraint makes the chapter an important contribution to Kirk scholarship. Kirk believed that humankind’s primary obligation lies in his or her community. Self-discipline and love of neighbor begin with the individual, and spread to the community, and then to society as a whole. In other words, Kirk’s concept of community serves to define the limitations of society and politics on hand, while on the other it presupposes and defends the necessity of a properly constituted community for securing the moral and ethical results concomitant to society’s perpetuation.

There remain among us many who knew and loved Russell Kirk, but very few of us who have devoted our lives to the exegesis of his boundless wisdom for the rising generation. With the departing of Wes for the Heavenly Banquet, we defenders of the “permanent things” should remember one of the finest comrades and gentlemen to have come our way.

Perfidious Persia Update.

Remember the Iranian kiddies who dared to sin against the mohammedan "god" [AKA fascist state power] by dancing and recording it? The sentence is in and it makes Adrian Peterson look like Father Of The Year.

Iran's 'Happy' dancers sentenced to 91 lashes, jail - FLASHBACK VIDEO: Iranians arrested for dancing

- Fox News   
Iran's latest crackdown on freedom includes lashes and prison for seven young adults who posted a video of themselves dancing to the American pop hit "Happy" and a death sentence for a blogger accused of insulting Prophet Muhammad.

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Pluto's precise location unknown!

   - BigPond News

 You bastards! Where have you taken him? 

If you have seen Pluto...

 photo 1000x1000.jpg, not that Pluto...

If you have seen this planet, please call your friendly neighborhood astronomer.

 photo Pluto-map-hs-2010-06-d270.jpg

Everyone's favorite "moderate leftist" [which means he's still working out his personal justification for mass murder] urges us to wait before calling Benito Insane Okhrana a dictator.

Jonny boy, you do know the softer lefties were the first ones thrown into the GULAG's maw, don't you? 

I'm just sayin'...

The Executive Over-Reach Debate Turns To Immigration

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.39.29 PM

I have received a fair number of emails over the debate last week featuring my views on executive power on the Senate floor. The debate concerned the growing fight over immigration and I have been asked by journalists if I believe that the President is also violating the Separation of Powers with the suggestion of unilateral measures in the area. I am indeed troubled by the suggestion of a new round of unilateral actions by the President. However, the details are still unclear.

The display used in the Senate debate featured a quote from my recent testimony before the House Rules Committee on July 16, 2014:
“The President’s pledge to effectively govern alone is alarming, and what is most alarming is his ability to fulfill that pledge. When a president can govern alone, he can become a government unto himself, which is precisely the danger the framers sought to avoid . . .
What we’re witnessing today is one of the greatest crises that members of this body will face . . . it has reached a constitutional tipping point that threatens a fundamental change in how our country is governed.”
(I am inclined now to give all my future congressional testimony on huge blue boards like this one for emphasis).

I testified (here and here and here) and wrote a column on President Obama’s increasing circumvention of Congress in negating or suspending U.S. laws. I ran another column listing such incidents of executive over-reach. My prior testimony has discussed unilateral actions in the immigration field that do raise separation issues.

I have also noted that some of these actions probably do fall within the strike zone for the president in using executive power. In areas like environmental law, the president has been given broader authority under statutes like the Clean Air Act.
 The problem is that the President has not offered details on the new round of unilateral actions. Some reports indicate that millions might be given new status. Of course, even concluding that the President can act does not mean that he should act without congressional action. Major changes in these areas should not be the result of unilateral action in my view. The Madisonian system is designed to allow different constituencies to come to bear in the bicameral system to take factional disputes and convert them into majoritarian compromises. The result has greater legitimacy as the result of the legislative product and often constitutes a better product after being put through the difficult drafting and amendment process. During times of division, less may get done. Both sides must either compromise or seek to change the balance of power in the next election. If the country and Congress is too divided to reach a compromise, unilateral action will only deepen the questions of legitimacy and over-reach.

Oooooooh! A swing and a miss on that sports analogy.

We will have to wait to see the specific unilateral actions to judge their constitutionality. However, for those of us who are uncomfortable with the rise of the über presidency in the United States, the suggestion of a president dictating a massive change in the status of millions of people raises many of these same concerns.

"Comrade Turley, your black mariah is here for you."

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Do people still read books?

Just wondering...

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